The most accessible BMW 3 Series, the 318d, starts at 38,600 euros

BMW 3 Series

One of the most anticipated cars of recent years by the brand Bavarian is the BMW 3 Series. It is one of the leaders of the D segment and its weight in the brand is very large. We could say that it is one of the fundamental pillars next to the X1 at the level of sales numbers. This seventh generation of the BMW 3 Series is now available and the first units will be delivered in March.

When the brand unveiled it, back in October, we found that > at the design level they had not wanted to make drastic changes compared to their predecessor. The previous model had worked very well and still looked pretty young despite having been in the market for many years. The important jump has come mainly in technology subject .

To cite some curiosities , with respect to the previous model, the The new BMW 3 Series has increased the total torsional rigidity of the body by 25%. The weight, comparing it with a similar version of the previous model, is reduced by 55 kilos. The aerodynamic coefficient Cx is 0.23 , so its air resistance is very low.

BMW 3 Series prices

BMW 3 Series

Through the official configurator of the brand, we already knew some prices of this model months ago. However, now they have been extended with the introduction of a new version of access , which is the variant 318d .

This mechanics uses the 2-liter diesel engine with 16 valves to develop a maximum power of 150 HP . This version is combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox , sending all engine power to the rear-end . As the brand has just informed, the price of this variant in its most economically accessible configuration is 38,600 euros .

Version Power Change Traction Price
Version Power Shift Drive Price
318d 150 PS 6v Manual Rear 38,600 €
320d 190 PS Automatic 8v Rear 43,700 €
320d xDrive 190 CV Automatic 8v Total 46,300 €
330d 265 CV Automatic 8v Rear 53,600 €
320i 184 CV Automatic 8v Rear 42,400 €
330i 258 CV Automatic 8v Rear 47,250 €
The exterior dimensions have grown. It is now 85 mm longer than the previous model and 16 mm wider. The wheelbase has also been increased by 41 mm.