Now yes, the Renault Clio shows all its exterior officially

Now yes, the Renault Clio shows all its exterior officially

The Renault Clio is probably the most important model of the current range of the French brand and, therefore, is raising so much expectation. The fifth generation will be officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show , but the brand has already let us see its full interior yesterday. A few hours ago we left you a second article highlighting some details of the exterior design that the brand had escaped, we do not know whether it is intentional or by mistake.

In any case, the fact is that > The exterior design of the Renault Clio has been completely unveiled a few moments ago and we can now look carefully at every point of its body. Of course, what is clear is that in the previous article we were not wrong at all, because the utility for segment B has opted for an evolutionary design instead of changing the style of the predecessor model. Let's see it.

Practically the same external size

Among the few technical data ​​strong> that we find in the press release provided by the brand we find part of its external measurements. Renault says that this new Clio is 14 mm shorter than the outgoing model, and also that the height of the body is reduced by 30 mm.

Taking a look at the exterior dimensions of Clio IV and subtracting those millimeters, we understand that the new Renault Clio measures 4,048 mm long and that its height is now 1,418 mm.

Evolutionary design, with familiar features

Exactly, the new Renault Clio looks like a mix between the model of the previous generation and a Mégane. From the previous one it borrows many forms , like the central part of its front with the logo in big size, the line that communicates the headlights, the superior part of the frontal headlights, the forms of the doors hiding the external opening handles on the rear, the shape of the silhouette from the nose to the start of the rear pillar and, in a way, the design of the tail lights and their arrangement of lights.

Now yes, the Renault Clio shows all its exterior officially

As for new easily distinguishable details , beyond some new features of the bumpers - which still resemble those of the predecessor - we can mention the "appendix" of the lower part of the headlights, the more muscular forms of the hood, a more elegant appearance on the side due to the new design of the lower molding, rear pilots more worked and with more features and continuity, as well as the suppression As a summary , we can say that the new Renault Clio has wanted to maintain the essence of the predecessor model on the outside, but also to contribute a touch of design more worked and that continues with the details and the brand image of the rest of the company's models. It is also true that, in its silhouette, it transmits a more rounded image , with a three-quarter less sharp rear. Also, it looks more elegant.

Now yes, the Renault Clio shows all its exterior officially

This has been achieved thanks to the use of the new lights optics, which have a greater expression for its LED technology , and for the chrome details in the contours of the windows that we see in the images.With 391 liters , the trunk of the new model is at the top of the category, as this figure is more typical of models of the upper segment. For example, that of a Focus, a Golf or a Lion is slightly smaller. It has double floor to facilitate the distribution of the load and get a flush floor if we fold the seats.

Renault Clio RS Line

Now yes, the Renault Clio shows all its exterior officially

Although it is not a sports car to use, the blue unit that appears in Some of these images correspond with the new Renault Clio RS Line , which takes inspiration from the Renault Sport. With a line of design more emotional and sporty, but with mechanics of not very high power, this finish comes to happen to the GT-Line available in the predecessor model.

There will be a Renault Clio hybrid

We know nothing official about the mechanics, versions and powers that will reach our country when the new Clio lands. However, the French company has confirmed that a Renault Clio hybrid will arrive soon . The brand intends to electrify a good part of its range and this model will be the first of them, using the E-Tech hybrid engine .

For the rest, we expect mechanical versions of gasoline between 75 and 140 HP approximately in the conventional range, and maybe some diesel mechanics.